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SAAO 4th International Congress

The Fourth International Congress of the South African Association of Osseointegration (SAAO) is titled: Success - Merging Technology with Experience. The conference is scheduled to take place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) from 15 to 17 October 2020.

In the dental implant fraternity, we hope to make this (our Fourth International Congress) a most memorable conference, fulfilling and exceeding our expectations.

Cape Town, being the mother city of South Africa and a globally sought-after destination, will open its arms to once again greet local, national and international delegates to its shores. The organising committee is enthusiastic about these events to portray only the best our rainbow nation has to offer. We believe it takes a positive attitude and willingness to embrace the challenges we face as a society. 

We once again want to bring together all interested parties without bias to share knowledge and wisdom - to learn new modern concepts and technologies. This conference should create a better understanding of not only our subject matter but also of our fellow collogues. Our topic is squarely aimed at acknowledging and addressing the differences in the approaches to implantology - bringing together the younger, technically minded dentists and the older, more experienced friends (dentists) to share in the knowledge exchange without prejudice. 

Younger participants will be stimulated by an interactive conversational exchange of ideas, and older participants will grasp the essence of effective time management, with the aid of technology, to eliminate time wasted, as well as increase accuracy. 

Women in dentistry must also be acknowledged since they form a large portion of our workforce and are not always given due credit.